11 February 2007

Comment. Or Else.

Dirty Rotten Kitty would like people to comment on his blog:

Don't be a loozr. Komment on my pikchurs. I hate dogs.


Anonymous said...

Wanna make some music together?

My favorite movie is Catwoman.

Mia Macaroni

DirtyRottenKitty said...

Although CatWoman is intriguing, DirtyRotten is currently obsessed with another feline love interest. She goes by the innocuous name of Hello Kitty.

Shannon said...

Dear Kitty of the Dirty Rotten variety,

I don't think you update your blog enough for you to get regular comments. maybe you should take some more pictures or go on some more trips.

DirtyRottenKitty said...

Dirty Rotten realizes the truth of your statement, and plans to revitalize blog with pictures and tales of his travels, as originally planned.

Anonymous said...

Are u kidding? I look way finer than her.
I am a Magnificent Twirling Catateenie.
See me at http://www.fatcatinc.com/html_site/dogs.shtml

Besides...I am a Magnificent Twirler and....I have a mouth you dirty kitty you.

Mia Macaroni