08 April 2007

Dirty Rotten Kitty's Tale [Part I]: The Escape

Once upon a time, in the land of Virginia, there lived a luscious Strawberry Blonde Lass who had sparkling eyes, a sprinkling of freckles, and an ass that brought many a man (and the occasional maiden) to their knees. Strawberry Lass lived in a cottage with her man, Prince Charming and her darling dog, Delilah.
Delilah loved toys, all manner of toys, and Strawberry Lass saw to it that Delilah had several for each day of the week.

Now Delilah loved her some kitty, especially dirty rotten kitties, and was particularly swift with her sharp white teeth. (all the better to eat you with, my dear.)

When Strawberry Lass saw Dirty Rotten Kitty in the pet store, she snatched him up like a crazy bitch and used that credit card wisely. She also bought his friend, Awful Mad Kitty for good measure.

Dirty Rotten Kitty could see this was no place for him. Awful Mad Kitty was torn to shreds in no time by the ferocious canine, while Dirty Rotten hid behind the corner of a sofa. When Strawberry Lass had visitors from the Land of Palinka, he saw his chance, and took it:

To Be Continued ...