26 March 2007

Hello, Cat Love

It seems Dirty Rotten Kitty has a stalker an admirer.
(see comments, last post.)

Mia Macaroni is quite a fancy kitty. Her paws are well-proportioned, probably fine mouse-catchers. Her tutu is very feathery, and she seems like a nice girl.

It's not you, Mia, it's Dirty Rotten.

Dirty Rotten Kitty has a love interest. You may know of her. She is the World's Best Cat Ever In the History of Catness. So sayeth Dirty Rotten Kitty.

Hello, Kitty.
Dirty Rotten pretty much worships Hello Kitty. He is her biggest fan. He's fervently working on a plan to meet her. In the flesh. If she would happen to wear this outfit, so much the better:

Here is the car Dirty Rotten hopes to buy, in order to take Hello Kitty on a Dream Date. Actually, since he doesn't have job, he'd prefer to just scratch the hell out of the current owner, snatch the ride, and present it to Hello Kitty along with a tuna paté and a decorative garnish.

He's working on the rest of the date out as he goes along.

Thank you for interest.


Anonymous said...

Mia says:


Anonymous said...

Here is the official profile of your mouthless and uninspiring girlfriend:

Name: Kitty White
Birthday: November 1, 1974
Blood type: A
Place of birth: Suburban London
Parents: George and Mary White
Siblings: Mimmy (twin sister)
Height: That of four shiny apples
Weight: That of three shiny apples
Good at: Baking cookies, International Studies, Making pancakes for friends, Origami, bows, shopping for friends, shopping WITH friends, buying things, playing tennis
Favorite food: Apple pie made by Mama (A.K.A. Mum or Mary)
Hobbies: Traveling, music, reading, eating yummy cookies her sister Mimmy bakes, making new friends, and going on adventures
Favorite word: "Friendship", "best", "kawaii" ('Cute' in Japanese)
Collects: Small cute things like sweets, stars, goldfish etc.
Best school subjects: English, music, visual arts, reading
Description: A bright and kind-hearted kitten. Very close to her twin sister Mimmy.
Significant Other: Dear Daniel

Did you notice that last line, SIGNIFICANT OTHER? She's already taken. Too bad for u.

Anonymous said...

Elephant says, Good luck Dirty Rotten.

Anonymous said...

Mia says,
"Go to hell, Elephant."

DirtyRottenKitty said...

Jealousy is an ugly emotion.

Elephant: Take heart. You are a kind soul. Your tail is pretty.

DirtyRottenKitty said...

Regarding the "anonymous" charge of Hello Kitty being mouthless:

It should be noted that Hello Kitty does have a mouth but it isn't drawn because her creators wanted Hello Kitty's emotions to be interpreted by the viewer.

Hello Kitty speaks from her heart. She is an ambassador to the world who isn't bound to one certain language.

P.S. Dear-Daniel moved to Africa with his parents. Get your facts straight.

Anonymous said...

That comment hurt Elephant's heart, Mia.

Anonymous said...

Don't take it to heart Elephant...Mia didn't mean to hurt u.
Mia is just bitchy 'cuz she hasn't had none in a long while and can't get none for a long while.
Are u a cute Elephant?

DirtyRottenKitty said...

Had none what? (ponders mystery.)